• Image of Build A Bonfire

Build A Bonfire was published in 1997 to document the biggest campaign in the history of football to save a club. Drawing on dozens of interviews with people directly involved – the fans, the FA, the players and the management – Build A Bonfire dramatically traces the progress of the fight with the board: two years of despair, absurdity and solidarity.

Only 2,000 copies were published, but such was its popularity that the book was sold on eBay for silly amounts of money – up to nearly £200 in one case. To let the story be more widely told, and with the Albion’s new stadium at Falmer due to open in August 2011, the authors have decided to self-publish a reprint of the book, to allow more people to learn about the history of the club.

50 pence of the cost of every copy sold from the reprint will go towards the Robert Eaton Memorial Fund, a charity set up in the name of a Brighton fan killed in the 11th September attacks on the World Trade Center. Money raised by REMF goes to help fund football for underprivileged youngsters in England and overseas.

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